SRSI students gain unique advantages and benefits such as:


Mayar Mansour Alyahya Deemah Saad


  • Meeting exceptional students with similar interests.
  • Networking opportunities with peers, graduate students, and researchers at KAUST.
  • Becoming a part of the SRSI community that maintains contact throughout their academic and professional careers.
  • Becoming a member of SRSI alumni associations.




  • Becoming a part of exciting research projects with KAUST professors and their research groups.
  • Developing working relationships with world-class scientists.
  • Valuable academic, scientific, and personal experiences that add to students’ skill sets and résumés.



Azzam Turkistani with Dr. Jens Schneider


  • Becoming familiar with the operation of scientific instruments and experimental techniques not available in high school laboratories.
  • Access to KAUST libraries, facilities, and computers.
  • Significant personal and professional growth in a short period of time.
  • Expanding their vision for the future and gaining the tools and support to achieve it.


  • Getting the chance to participate in national and international science competitions and fairs.
  • Guidance for applying to top universities worldwide.