King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Saudi Research Science Institute

Summer 2023



Job Title:                       Experience Coordinator

Job Duration/Dates:    July and August (6 weeks on-ground and there will be online sessions in June prior to the program) Final                                  dates are TBA

Job Location:                KAUST (on-ground) and online sessions (prior to arriving at KAUST)

Job Hours:                    Approximately 40 hours/week including evenings and weekends




Program Overview

KAUST SRSI 2023 brings together talented grade 11 Saudi students for a robust six-week intensive summer residential STEM research mentorship focused on student development, science learning, and engagement. Participating students conduct university-level research under the mentorship of KAUST professors. SRSI is a rigorous mentorship program that includes academic lectures, research experimentation, and intensive academic writing and presentation practices, with an emphasis on advanced theory and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.  


The robust learning and personal development program comprising of academic, enrichment, and extracurricular activities is lead and implemented by the Young Talent Development Team at KAUST which consists of a Program Manager, Program Lead, Academic Lead, and Program Coordinator who work at KAUST year-round. Additionally, the SRSI depends on Tutors and peer Experience Coordinators who are hired in temporary positions for the summer.  


Experience Coordinator

Experience Coordinator Job Overview: 

The six-week position is an exciting opportunity to provide support, guidance, and inspiration to some of Saudi Arabia’s top high school STEM students while gaining unique and highly relevant work experience. 

  • Experience Coordinators work approximately 40 hours/week) for the entire duration of the program. 
  • Experience Coordinators must reside at KAUST, they live in proximity of students for the full duration of the program.  
  • Experience Coordinators are supported by tutors and the SRSI staff.  
  • Experience Coordinators will arrive three days prior to the arrival of students in order to complete an orientation and get settled on campus.  
  • Experience Coordinators are required to attend pre-program, on-boarding and preparation online sessions  
  • Experience Coordinators will be required to work evenings and weekends and may be called upon 7 days a week. 


Experience Coordinator Responsibilities: 

  • Help foster a supportive and positive environment that builds a sense of community for their assigned group of 5-7 students.  
  • Supports students on their personal and academic journey to success.  
  • Plan and implement extracurricular activities for the cohort with guidance from program staff. 
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for assigned students to coordinate, facilitate, and collect material for the Summer Book and other program materials.   
  • Attend weekly meetings, follow up regarding student progress, and resolve issues if any. 
  • Prepare engagement materials like program videos and montages for events. 
  • Monitor and take attendance as instructed and submit daily attendance reports for all program events including bed checks.  
  • Encourage assigned students to attend programs, getting them actively engaged and be part of a vibrant learning community. 
  • Facilitate and participate in icebreakers, chat rooms, conference calls, message boards, orientation, and program activities as advised. 
  • Report students’ concerns, if any, in a timely manner to the Experience Coordinator lead. 
  • Hold daily closing conversations for assigned group.  
  • Take photos for different events as instructed by staff.  
  • Support staff in managing student crowds and movement for different events.   
  • Ensure that all students are adhering to program policies and code of conduct and report misconduct to Experience Coordinator Lead 



The ideal candidate is an undergraduate or recent graduate with good academic standing, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and a passion for helping and developing students. Experience as a counselor and/or as a leader/organizer of activities in a professional setting, knowledge of video editing and/or publishing software is preferred.    


Lead Experience Coordinator 

Lead Experience Coordinator Job Overview: 

  • Executes the non-academic component of the SRSI participants ’experience and works under the supervision of the SRSI staff member 
  • Takes the lead in developing new extracurricular activities for students.   
  • Leads the Experience Coordinators team contributes to the creation of synergy and cooperation amongst the Experience Coordinators, SRSI team and tutors  
  • Reports daily to the SRSI staff member 
  • Supports the implementation of KAUST policy, culture, and SRSI; takes a mid-leadership role in guiding students as well as volunteer Experience Coordinators 


Lead Experience Coordinator is typically a graduate-level or senior student and/or YTD alumni who has experience or interest in working with high-school-level students and leadership roles. 


Lead Experience Coordinator Responsibilities: 

All responsibilities below are done in collaboration with the Experience Coordinator team. However, the Lead Experience Coordinator takes the responsibility of supervision as well as implementation as part of the team. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 



  • Attend and participate in training sessions held prior to the beginning of the program. 
  • Supervise and assist in the opening of the housing and decorating units prior to the arrival of students.  
  • Assess the physical condition of rooms prior to occupancy; preparing and filing the appropriate form with the immediate supervisor in a timely fashion.   
  • Plan culturally appropriate activities that enhance the social, educational, community, and personal development of participants. 
  • Supervise and assist with airport arrival, and housing check-in. 
  • Provide support for orientation and departure.



Student Support 

  • Be available to participants daily. 
  • Respond to requests and emergencies during evening hours. 
  • Provide supervision in the student residences. 
  • Assist participants in their adjustment to roommate and community living. 
  • Direct any questions or concerns to the appropriate SRSI staff member . 
  • Actively encourage and promote involvement in programs and activities. Submit daily attendance report to Program Lead. 
  • Support and monitor attendance at academic functions and field trips. 
  • Relate well to individuals of all ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, encouraging better understanding of cultural diversity, and individual differences, and creating a culture of tolerance amongst the group.  
  • Provide support during tutoring hours, poster, paper and final presentation preparation. 
  • Respond to all witnessed and known violations of policies occurring throughout the program. 
  • Create an evening/nighttime routine where students get adequate rest. 


Program Responsibilities 

  • Provide leadership and guidance to the Experience Coordinators team. 
  • Implement and participate in culturally appropriate activities that enhance the social, educational, community, and personal development of participants. 
  • Act as program lead on weekly activities as assigned. 
  • Supervise/mentor Experience Coordinators. 
  • Guide program participants in writing thank-you letters to distinguished speakers, program sponsors, mentors, and other people responsible for the program and experience. 
  • Guide participants in keeping the housing in good condition. 
  • Attend students’ final presentations. 
  • Participate in the program evaluation.  
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings. 
  • Actively inform participants of pertinent program information. 
  • Assist, as requested, in the handling of all emergency situations (e.g., fire, health, safety). 
  • Receive and promptly process requests for maintenance repairs and custodial needs received. 
  • Conduct disciplinary conferences as needed. 
  • Interpret and disseminate to the EXCORs participants any information from the staff. 
  • Assist in the creation of the SRSI Summer & Graduation Books. 
  • Ensure timeliness and attendance for all students and Experience Coordinators. 



  • Assist with airport departures and closing of the housing. 
  • Assist with all check-out logistics including organizing a smooth farewell from housing to bus, to airport, and final flight departure. 




How to Apply: 

Interested candidates can apply here


Candidates are encouraged to apply at their earliest convenience. Application will close by April 13th.