King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

Summer 2022

Job Title:                               Tutor

Reports To:                           Academic Lead

Job Duration/Dates:              July Second Week – Aug last Week (7 weeks) 

Hours:                                   40 hr. / Week

Job Location:                         KAUST


Program Overview:

KAUST SRSI 2022 brings together talented grade 11 Saudi students for a robust seven-week intensive summer residential STEM research mentorship focused on student development, science learning, and engagement. Participating students to conduct university-level research under the mentorship of KAUST professors.  It is a rigorous mentorship program that includes academic lectures, research experimentation, and intensive academic writing and presentation practices, with an emphasis on advanced theory and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. 


The robust learning and personal development program comprising of academic, enrichment and extracurricular activities is implemented by KAUST staff, tutors and counselors. KAUST staff consists of a Manager, Program Specialist, Academic Lead, and Program Coordinators who work at KAUST year-round. Additionally, the SRSI depends on tutors and graduate peer counselors who are hired in temporary positions for the summer. 


Tutor Job Overview

Tutors play an essential role in SRSI. The Tutor directly reports to the Academic Lead and is required to work a minimum of 40 hours per week for the entire duration of the program. The candidate will be assigned responsibility for 5-7 students and work closely with the Lead Tutor and report to the Academic Lead. The Tutor must be fluent in English and provide academic, research, and personal support to the grade 11 participants, and assistance to SRSI staff. 

  • Tutors live on campus, near the high-school students, for the duration of the program. Tutors are supported by peer counselors and the SRSI staff. 
  • SRSI tutors must reside at KAUST for seven weeks.
  • They will arrive one week prior to the grade 11 students in order to complete a staff orientation and get settled on campus. 
  • Tutors will be required to work evenings and weekends.
  • Due to the nature of the program (summer camp like), tutors will be busy, but there will be some quiet time and opportunities to visit Jeddah and experience the Kingdom.   


Tutor Responsibilities:

Pre-Program Responsibilities:

  • Participate in periodic conference calls with peers for orientation, training, student-project matching, and other relevant topics with Academic Lead.
  • Review student applications to become familiar with participants. 
  • Review project proposals and identify those of tutoring interest.
  • Review materials in a shared file and become familiar with program information and deliverables. 
  • Begin to prepare any introductory/basic material related to assigned student projects.


Program Responsibilities:

Academic Support and Tutoring:

  • Attend staff meetings as scheduled. 
  • Attend student first week lectures and enrichment activities.
  • Provide academic support on a daily basis to the assigned 5-7 students.
  • Tutoring responsibilities typically occur between 1 pm-10 pm, schedule varies.   
  • Maintain attendance of all academic activities and a progress report/evaluation of each student.
  • Provide daily and weekly reports of students’ progress on understanding the project, any concerns and possible solutions to tutor lead
  • Meet with your student’s mentor team on a weekly basis to gauge a student’s research progress, their need and support accordingly.
  • Assist students in understanding mentor's expectations, functions of laboratories, and the student's role in the laboratory. 
  • Build relationships with the students and maintain communication.
  • Provide feedback on students’ daily journal, in regard to content and English writing. 
  • Assist in setting up the annual poster symposium. 
  • Ensure students complete and submit all academic deliverables in time.
  • Attend all students’ final presentations. 

Co-curricular and Residential Support:

  • Dine with students and program staff; Attend selected student activities and events 
  • Support students in overall adjustment to the program. Provide support as needed and report to Tutor Lead if there are any issues or concerns
  • Provide an adult, non-student presence in the hotel where students reside.
  • General Program and Administrative Support, as needed.
  • Provide support to program team during orientation and induction, as needed. 
  • Participate in program debriefing meetings.   
  • Provide evaluations of students at the end of the program
  • Complete on-line program evaluation.  


COVID Requirements:

Candidates must provide proof of at least two doses of KSA approved vaccines, and a booster shot as per the MOH’s recommendation.

Candidates must be able to provide proof of Immune status on Tawakkalna or through other approved documentation.



Ideal candidates will have prior experience advising high school students in a science field and develop individualized learning plans, maintain a positive attitude, and create constructive learning environment. They will have Masters or Ph.D. degree with good academic record in science, engineering, technology, or mathematics (STEM) with prior teaching, coaching, or mentoring experience. 


How to Apply:

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to



Candidates are encouraged to apply at their earliest convenience. Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.