Leading up to and during the six-week intensive core research program, students participate in the following:


 Pre-SRSI Orientation:

  • Before the start of the program, SRSI scholars and their parents spend two days at KAUST learning about the campus and community. 

Week 1: Induction: 

  • Following orientation is a three-day induction that includes lab safety training, learning and practicing laboratory and research skills, developing scientific writing, and enhancing oral presentation skills. This is followed by four days that include scientific lectures and workshops.

Weeks 2 – 5: Research and Mentorship:

  • Students are matched with a KAUST faculty mentor and participate in research that focuses on original work in an area of current interest. During this time, students will present a poster and about the status of their project create and present it to the KAUST community and scholars in their respective fields.

Week 6- Final Papers and Oral Presentations, Graduation:

  • During the final week, SRSI scholars present their results and findings in the form of a scientific research paper and an oral presentation. A panel of judges comprising of renowned professors and scientists from KAUST select top research papers and top presenters.

Other Key Program Components:
In addition to research, SRSI scholars participate in a variety of enrichment activities such as:

Distinguished Speakers Series: Abeer Al-Olayan 4

  • SRSI scholars are introduced to leading figures in science, mathematics, business, and the humanities, including Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers. These talks inspire and enlighten SRSI scholars about emerging opportunities, global challenges, and cutting-edge innovations in STEM research.

University Preparation and Professional Development Lecture Series:

  • These lectures are designed to help SRSI scholars choose their field of study and prepare for admission to top-level universities around the world. SRSI students learn about the college application process; scholarships offered by KAUST for advanced degrees; and opportunities to work in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Students also learn about the importance of continued work in STEM fields during their remaining time in high school and university. Speakers outline opportunities for students to participate in national, regional, and world poster sessions and science competitions. These opportunities are tremendous experiences for students regardless of their ultimate field of study, as they develop enhanced written and oral skills, a disciplined approach to their education, and experience a certain measure of supervised independence which prepares them for university life.

Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities: IMG_0988

  • Ranging from sports (such as soccer, laser-tag, go-karting, archery, horseback riding), to educational activities such as astronomy night, t-shirt design contests, scavenger hunts, field trips, and talent shows, SRSI students enjoy a well-rounded suite of activities that allow them to have fun, relax, forge friendships, and enhance their team-building, networking, and leadership skills in creative ways.